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  • ??Puzzle Toys for Pets?? This is an interactive puzzle toy suitable for large. medium. and small cats and dogs. Pets can get food by shaking the spring ball. which keeps your pets engaged and challenged. helps strengthen their skills strengthen. and makes them smarter.
  • ??Cat Ball Track??If your cat spends most of the day alone in the house. the trackballs will have your kitty patting and swatting away and prevent them from becoming too bored.
  • ??Easy to Assemble??Able to be put together in approximately 5 minutes. this exciting cat toy will be ready for your cat to play with within no time. All tools are included.
  • ??Durable & Stable??The wide base made of natural wood provides reliable stability. prevents any chance of shaking or overturning. and fully supports the daily enjoyment of your energetic cat.
  • ??10X Slow Feeder?? The cat toy can prevent the pet from eating too quickly. which is beneficial to the pet’s gastrointestinal health and avoids devouring. If you have any questions. do not hesitate to contact us at any time. our service team will provide the best solution within 1 working day hours.


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