Cat Toys Stretchy Rope



About this item

  • Reliable Material: These hanging door mice are made of good quality terylene plush material. with good softness. less likely to hurt their paws. teeth. eyes etc.. but provides hours fun for your cats.
  • Adjustable Elastic Rope: The rope measures about 78.74/ 2 m long. with elasticity and a buck for adjusting proper length for kittens to play with. making mice toys that connecting to the rope not easy for cats to catch with. which makes cats feel challenging to play with. good to arose their hunting instincts.
  • Self-play Door Hanging Mice Toys for Cats: Hanging these mice toys on the door. door frame. wall etc.. allows cats to play with them for a long long time. When cats touch or pull these mice toys. these mice toys will bounce left and ring so that you cats are curious and then keep padding and chasing them. which is good for indoor cats’ exercising.
  • Ring Bell Design: The ring bell can be attached to the rope and easy to take off when you do not need the ring bell. Attaching it to the ring bell makes a sound when cats play with the mice toys so that you know your kittens are having fun with these mouses toys.
  • Easy to Install: These hanging toys can be stuck to any flat and smooth surface. such as ceramic tile. glass. marble etc.. simply peel of the protective film at the back. and then stick it to the area that you would like to. and press it to make it stay firm. not easy to fall off.


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