Cat Wall Corner Scratcher



About this item

  • 1.??Material??: The cat tickle toy is made of ABS and pvc material. which will not cause harm to pets.
  • 2.??Function??: The durian cat toy can be used as a pet comb to comb the cat’s floating hair. and it can also be used as a tickling toy to let the cat scratch and itch. bringing a comfortable experience. Cat food can be put on it to make the cat eat slowly. and to grind and clean the teeth to promote oral health.
  • 3.??Design??: The cat toy is designed with a unique durian shell. with bright colors. which can attract cats’ attention and make them more active.
  • 4.??Easy to Install??: The cat corner toy comes with double-sided adhesive. there are two ways to attach it. The right-angle design is close to the corner. and the side full-arc method can be directly attached to the floor.
  • 5.??Easy to use??: The cat scratcher is suitable for all kinds of flat surfaces. corners. table and chair legs. etc. It is an ideal gift for pets.


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