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  • ??Interactive dog toys?? Use this educational game toy to exercise the dog’s brain. Through the way of food reward. which will help meet the dog’s instinct needs. train the pet’s sense of smell. and let the dog enjoy fun feeding when using the nose or paw to move the slider. and at the same time promotes brain development. and will release pressure for dogs. making the dog more intelligent.
  • ??Correction of eating habits??This slow feeder encourages pets to eat at a slower speed. reduce gastrointestinal pressure. helps to slow down the feeding time to help the dog digest. and can provide your dog with a variety of healthy snacks. and make the dog healthier.
  • ??Adjust the difficulty?? We can start from the primary level. the toy has 18 sliding barn. you can choose to reduce the number of lids. and then increase the number of lids each time to improve the level. and then put food into the barn around the toy. and finally guide the dog to open different lids with his nose or paws to get food.
  • ??Safe materials and design??The product is made of food-grade safe materials. free of BPA. PVC. and phthalates. suitable for pets to play for a long time. and also easy to rinse with water.But no toys are indestructible. Do not leave toys with unattended pets.
  • ??Size ??11.6 *11.6 * 1.95 ( L*W*H). suitable for medium dogs and puppies and cats can get food rewards hidden in the maze by moving the slider.


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