Pet Hair Cleaner Washable



About this item

  • This is a newly developed multi-functional cleaning brush. which can be used to clean window screens. to clean the hair lost by pets such as dogs and cats. to clean mirrors. glass and tiles. and to take care of sofas and pillows. . carpets. tablecloths. sheets. tabletops. clothes. etc.. and more functions are waiting for you to dig.
  • This product is a 3-in-1 cleaning brush. consisting of three parts: brush. scraper. and slot cleaning artifact. The brush can clean window screens. pet hair. and the daily care of household items. and the scraper can clean glass. tiles. etc.Comes with two magic window cleaning brushes and four change cotton cloths.
  • Tips for cleaning window screens ?? : If the window screen is not particularly dirty. you don’t need to take it off. you can clean it directly on the window. When cleaning. it is necessary to brush as to clean more clean. When cleaning the window screen. it is recommended to open the window. wet the brush and then clean the window screen. so that more dust will float outside. When cleaning window screens. take protective measures to prevent inhalation of dust.
  • Tips for cleaning window screens ?? : If the window screen is very dirty. it is recommended to remove the window screen and wet it. and then use a cleaning brush dipped in water mixed with cleaning agent to brush the window screen.
  • Tips for cleaning glass: When cleaning the mirror. you can use the brush side to dip the cleaning solution to repeatedly brush the glass. and then use a scraper to scrape off the water.


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