Pet Hair Remover



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  • ??Easy Cleaning??:Extra Sticky Lint Roller Refills Only. Great for Use on Clothes. Furniture. Carpet. ….BEE breezily-Lint Roller is a Daily Household Cleaning Tool Great for Dog and Cat Hair Cleaning and Removal.
  • ??Easy to use ???? Diagonal Cut Sticky Paper Roll. Super Adhesive and Easy to Peel Off Each Sheet Cleanly. The refill is also easy to assemble.
  • ?? Package Contents??: Pack of 6 Refills for Lint Rollers. 60 Sheets per Refill. 360 Sheets Total. Good Value
  • ??Daily cleaning???? It is strongly recommended that you prepare a lint rollers. It can make your pets hair. sofas. couch .carpets. car cushions. suits. pants. sheets and quilts more tidy and clean.
  • ??CONVENIENT??:The BEE breezily lint rollers for pet hair removal works like a charm on furniture. upholstery. blankets. and other items riddled with fur. Keep your home free from loose lint and hair.


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